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Zefon Nylon cyclone (Dorr- Oliver style) with holder

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Name: Zefon Nylon cyclone (Dorr- Oliver style) with holder
Categories: Air Sampling Pumps and Calibrators
Sampling Accessories Tube Holders and Cyclones
Description: This Dorr-Oliver cyclone is designed to separate the respirable fraction of airborne dust from the nonrespirable fraction. It consists of a two-stage cyclone and lightweight aluminum frame, which mounts a standard 2 or 3 piece 37mm filter cassette. When air enters the cyclone stage at 1.7 LPM (as recommended by NIOSH), the larger nonrespirable particles are centrifugally separated out and drop into a lower grit pot. The smaller, respirable particles pass onto the cassette, where they are captured by the filter membrane. Features:
    Meets NIOSH requirements for 10mm nylon cyclones, as specified for nuisance dust (#0600) and silica dust (#7500, 7501, 7601, 7602)
    For collection of all types of respirable dust
    Durable, stainless steel/nylon design
Unit Price: $95.00

Zefon Nylon cyclone (Dorr- Oliver style) with holder

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