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EMSL Analytical Inc. Lab Qualifications

EMSL Analytical, Inc. labs have a wide range of accreditations and participate in numerous proficiency programs. These proficiencies, accreditations and certifications ensure that our labs meet the highest standard of quality and can deliver reliable, consistent results every time. The accreditations are listed here by organization or professional body.
We are continuously updating expired certificates. If you should find an expired certificate, please call our office to obtain a current one.
Accreditations and Proficiencies
 AAR Certification – Call for Details
 Federal Government
 State Qualifications
 Other Organizations
 By Laboratory
Organization/Body Qualification
Scope of Accreditations
Laboratories Certificate # Expires
Federal Government
CDC CDC Elite - Legionella Certificate of Proficiency
Raleigh, NC
Certificate 09/23/2017
Denver, CO
Certificate 12/01/2017
Atlanta, GA
Certificate 12/19/2017
Carle Place, NY
Certificate 11/08/2017
Buffalo, NY
Certificate 12/01/2017
Wallingford, CT
Certificate 12/01/2017
Phoenix, AZ
Certificate 12/01/2017
Orlando, FL
Certificate 09/19/2017
Chicago, IL
Certificate 11/21/2017
San Leandro, CA
Certificate 12/06/2017
Pasadena, CA
Certificate 12/01/2017
Indianapolis, IN
Certificate 12/01/2017
Corporate - Cinnaminson, NJ
Certificate 10/27/2017
New York, NY
Certificate 12/01/2017
EMSL Canada -- Toronto
Certificate 12/01/2017
Houston, TX
Certificate 08/30/2017
Consumer Product Safety Commission CPSC - Cinnaminson - Metals, Lead, Phthalates
Corporate - Cinnaminson, NJ
Letter - ID #1140
EPA EPA - UCMR - Inorganic anions (Chlorate)
Corporate - Cinnaminson, NJ
Approval letter
FDA FDA - Drug Firm Registration
Sparta, NJ
2246393 12/31/2017
Corporate - Cinnaminson, NJ
3003933331 12/31/2017
US Dept of Justice - ATF US Dept of Justice - Explosives License/Permit
Corporate - Cinnaminson, NJ
8-NJ-005-33-0F-00326 06/01/2020
US Dept of Justice - DEA US Dept of Justice - DEA certificate
Sparta, NJ
RM0125066 01/31/2018
Corporate - Cinnaminson, NJ
RE0419716 08/31/2018
USDA USDA - Soil Permit
San Leandro, CA
P330-16-00362 11/15/2019
Indianapolis, IN
P330-16-00364 11/16/2019
Corporate - Cinnaminson, NJ
P330-17-00019 01/27/2020
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