Testing Laboratory Responds to OSHA Directive on Combustible Dust
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Category: News Publish Date: 06/26/2008
Link:   Author: Paul Cochrane
Testing Laboratory Responds to OSHA Directive on Combustible Dust
EMSL Analytical now offers testing solutions for industries that generate or handle combustible dusts.

In response to ongoing industrial and agricultural accidents related to the ignition of combustible dusts, OSHA has issued Directive #: CPL 03-00-008, Subject: Combustible Dust National Emphasis Program. The purpose of this program is to inspect facilities that generate or handle combustible dusts and make recommendations that will reduce the risk of fire hazard which could result in bodily injury, loss of life and property damage.


The OSHA directive covers a wide range of materials used in many application areas across almost all the major industrial and agricultural sectors. Industries that handle combustible dusts include agriculture, chemical, textile, forest and furniture product, wastewater treatment, metal processing, paper product, pharmaceutical and recycling operation (metal, paper, and plastic) industries. 


In response, EMSL Analytical has begun offering testing solutions for the OSHA compliance directive for combustible dusts.  The Materials Science Division at EMSL now offers clients the following tests:

  • Core Combustible Dust Module including: percent through 40 mesh, percent moisture content, percent combustible material, percent combustible dust and sample weight.


Additional testing also available include:

  • Resistivity (metal dusts)
  • Minimum explosive concentration (MEC)
  • Minimum ignition energy (MIE)
  • Class II Test
  • Maximum normalized rate of pressure rise [(dP/dt) – Kst] Test
  • Minimum ignition temperature


“It is important for customers needing combustible dust analysis to be sure their samples are being properly analyzed,” reported Joe Frasca, Senior Vice President at EMSL Analytical.   “Due to the dangers associated with combustible dust it is imperative to use a laboratory that has the expertise, equipment and reliability to get the job done right every time,” Frasca continued.


EMSL performs expert analysis on combustible dust testing using a combination of advanced laboratory techniques.  For more information on this service contact Bob Dombrowksi at (800) 220-3675 or bdombrowski@emsl.com.


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