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Aspergillus             Print PDF

Natural Habitat

  • Soil
  • Plant debris

Suitable Substrates in the Indoor Environment

  • Grows on a wide range of substrates indoors
  • Prevalent in water damaged buildings

Water Activity

  • Aw=0.75-0.94

Mode of Dissemination

  • Wind

Allergenic Potential

  • Allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis (ABPA) which is common in asthmatic and cystic fibrosis patients
  • Aspergillus sinusitis
  • Invasive aspergillosis in immunocompromised patients

Potential Opportunist or Pathogen

  • Aspergilloma and chronic pulmonary aspergillosis in people with lung disease

Industrial Uses

  • A. sojae
    • is used for fermented food and beverages in Asia
  • A. oryzae
    is used in soy sauce production
  • A. terreus
    produces mevinolin which is able reduce blood cholesterol
  • A. niger
    produces enzymes used to make some breads and beers and is also used in plastic decomposition
  • A. niger
A. ochraceus
    are used in cortisone production

Potential Toxins Produced

  • 3-Nitropropionic acid, 5-metoxystermatocystin, Aflatoxin B1, B2, Aflatoxin G1, G2, Aflatoxin M1, M2, Aflatoxin P1, Aflatoxin Q1, Aflatoxins, Aflatrem (alkaloid),
Aflatrem (indole alkaloid), Aflavinin, Ascalidol, Aspergillic acid, Aspergillomarasmin, Aspertoxin, Asteltoxin, Austamid, Austdiol, Austins, Austocystins, Avenaciolide, Brevianamide A, Candidulin, Citreoviridin,, Citrinin, Clavatol, Cyclopiazonic acid, Cyclopiazonic acid, Cytochalasin E, Emodin, Fumagillin, Fumigaclavine A, Fumigatin, Fumitremorgens, Fumitremorgin A, Gliotoxin, Griseofulvin, Helvolic acid, Kojic acid, Kotanin, Malformins, Naphtopyrones, Neoaspergillic acid, Nidulin, Nidulotoxin, Nigragillin, Ochratoxin A, Ochratoxin B, Ochratoxin C, Ochratoxins ß, Ochratoxins a, Ochratoxins (A,B,C.a, ß.),
      Orlandin, Oryzacidin, Paspaline,
Patulin, Penicillic acid, Phthioic acid, Secalonic acid A, B, D and F, Sphingofungins, Spinulosin, Sterigmatocystin, Terphenyllin, Terredional, Terreic acid, Terrein, Terretonin, Terretonin, Territrem A, Tryptoquivalines, Verruculogen, Versicolorin A, Viomellein, Viriditoxin, Xanthocillin, Xanthomegnin, ß-nitropropionic acid

Other Comments

  • It is the second most common opportunistic pathogen following Candida
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