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Chrysonilia             Print PDF

Natural Habitat

  • Fruit
  • Soil

Suitable Substrates in the Indoor Environment

  • Bread
  • Fruit
  • Coffee grounds

Water Activity

  • Unknown

Mode of Dissemination

  • Air currents

Allergenic Potential

  • Found to induce asthma in loggers

Potential Opportunist or Pathogen

  • Unknown

Industrial Uses

  • Related to (mitosporic state) Neurospora, a genetic model organism

Potential Toxins Produced

  • Unknown

Other Comments

  • Commonly referred to as red bread mold


  • Tarlo SM, Wai Y, Dolovich J, and Summerbell R. 1996. Occupational Asthma induced by Chrysonilia sitophila in the logging industry. J. Allergy Clin Immunol. 97(6): 1409-1413.