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Ganoderma             Print PDF

Natural Habitat
  • Grows on conifers and hardwoods worldwide, causing white rot, root rot, and stem rot
Suitable Substrates in the Indoor Environment
  • Unknown
Water Activity
  • Unknown
Mode of Dissemination
  • Wind

Allergenic Potential

  • species are known to cause allergies in people on a worldwide scale
Potential Opportunist or Pathogen
  • Unknown
Industrial Uses
  • Biopulping of wood for the paper industry
  • Potential medicinal use due to: 1. Inhibition of Ras dependent cell transformation, 2. antifibrotic activity, 3. immunomodulating activity, 4. free-radicle scavenging
Potential Toxins Produced
  •  Unknown
Other Comments
  • Used in traditional Chinese medicine as an herbal supplement
  • It is also known as a "shelf fungus" because the fruiting body forms a stalk-less shelf on the sides of trees and logs
  • It is sometimes called "artists conk" because when you scratch the white pores of the fruiting body, the white rubs away and exposes the brown hyphae underneath. Thus, pictures can be produced on the fruiting body
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