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Trichoderma           Print PDF

Natural Habitat

  • Decaying wood
  • Dead leave
  • Soil

Suitable Substrates in the Indoor Environment

  • Paper
  • Textiles
  • Wood (wet)

Mode of Dissemination

  • Insects
  • Water splash
  • Wind

Allergenic Potential

  • Type I allergies (hay fever, asthma)
  • Type III (hypersensitivity)

Potential Opportunist or Pathogen

  • Has occasionally been associated with disease in immunocompromised individuals

Industrial Uses

  • Biocontrol agent against a variety of plant pathogens
  • Biproducts of T. viride is used to make beer and wine

Potential Toxins Produced

  • Gliotoxin
  • Isocyanides
  • Trichothecene
  • Trichodermin
  • T-2 toxin