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Title Mold Laro-100 Sampling Guide



The LARO-100 Air Sampling Cassette, is capable of capturing 100% of all airborne fungal particulate as well as any particulate or fibers 0.8 microns and greater in size. The vortex design of the airflow creates a long thin rectangular trace on the filter paper where the airborne particulate is deposited. After the sample is taken, the filter can be removed and microscopic analysis can be immediately performed.

The LARO-100 cassette produces some back pressure, so a rotameter, calibrated to a primary standard should be connected in-line before the LARO-100 cassette. The sample pump is then connected to the discharge of the LARO-100 cassette. This is done to adjust the actual flow rate entering the cassette. The manufacturer recommends setting the flow at 4-5 liters per minute.

Sampling any volume of air is always dependent upon the conditions of the environment that is being sampled. Longer sampling times can result in a lower detection limit. Adjust sampling time to prevent overloading the filter when the air has a visible amount of particulate present. The LARO-100 cassette is crystal clear, enabling you to observe the filter while sampling.

Inside/Outside-with no visible particulate in the air 4 L/min /10 min or longer
Special inside clean environments 4 L/min / 30 min or longer
Inside-8 hr /personnel monitoring 1.0 - 2.0 L/min / to obtain 300-480 L
Interstitial building spaces 4 L/min/ 3-6 min
Surface collections 4L/min/10-100cm2

1. Label the cassette for proper sample identification.

2. Remove top cap and plug (depending on the type of sampling you are performing) and the bottom plug.

3. With tubing, connect the outlet of the LARO-100 cassette to the pump that has been calibrated for your desired flow.

4. Collect the sample for an appropriate amount of time.

5. Replace top and bottom plugs.

6. Complete proper chain-of-custody form (available on the web at and send to EMSL Analytical, Inc. for analysis.


1. Outdoor air samples for comparison with indoor samples.

2. Indoor areas considered to be non-problem areas.

3. Blank samples to rule out cassette contamination.


The LARO-100 is a quality product developed for your use. Proper storage will ensure the quality results you need. Please follow the suggested storage recommendations to maintain this quality.

1. Store in normal office conditions of between 60-85F (Degradation of the filter media begins above 90F).

2. Do not expose to direct sunlight for an extended period of time.

3. Do not store in high humidity conditions.

4. Do not store with any caps or plugs missing. Contamination may result, invalidating any sampling. Discard any cassettes found open.

5. Always rotate your stock using your older cassettes first.

Warning: Not following recommended storage procedures could result in unsatisfactory results causing a loss of time and effort on your part. Re-sampling will be necessary to obtain a quality result.

For additional information, contact LARO by visiting their website:

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