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Chinese Drywall Testing

Chinese Drywall Testing      
New Drywall Guidance 

Chinese Drywall Screen Test Options:
Test 1. Analysis for presence of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs-especially for organic sulfides) - this test indicates if the drywall sample emits sulfur-based gases capable of producing 3 day 2 day 1 day TAT's Available (2 Week TAT) - (1 Week TAT).

Sample requirements: Piece of suspected drywall 6”x6”

Test 2. 
Analysis of the drywall sample for elemental sulfur / BNA - this test indicates if the drywall sample contains elemental sulfur, associated with the emission of sulfur-based gases capable of producing corrosion. TAT's Available (2 Week TAT) - (1 Week TAT).

Sample requirements: Piece of suspected drywall at least 2”x2”, not more than 6”x6
Test 3. Analysis of copper wires/surfaces by SEM/EDX - this test indicates if the corrosion of copper surfaces is associated with the components of the drywall. TAT's Available (2 Week TAT) - (24 Hour TAT). 

Sample requirements: Option 1: Alcohol prep wipes used for collecting deposits on copper surfaces.
                                        Option 2: Piece of the copper wire with deposits indicative of corrosion.
Test 4. Accelerated Corrosion Test - qualitative analysis of the drywall for its propensity to corrode copper in environmental chamber exposure. (4 Week TAT)No shorter TAT available due to the time-sensitive nature of the test.

Sample requirements: Piece of suspected drywall at least 3”x3”, not more than 6”x6

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Analyte CAS#MethodMediaEMSL Stock #Compat#Flow lpm Min-Max#Vol#- L Min-Max#Analytical TechniqueReporting Limit
Acetaldehyde 75-07-0NIOSH 2016 Mod.DNPH/SGT87IH030D0.03-1.51-15HPLC/UV0.05 ug
Acetaldehyde (diffusive sampler $20 extra) 75-07-0NIOSH 2016 Mod.AT 57187IH034AT571n/a1-24 hrHPLC/UV0.05 ug
Acetic Acid 64-19-7NIOSH 1603CSC:100/5087IH028AC0.01-1.020-300GC/FID10 ug
Acetone 67-64-1NIOSH 1300CSC:100/5087IH028A0.01-0.20.5-3GC/FID8.0 ug
Acetonitrile 75-05-8NIOSH 1606CSC:400/20087IH039B0.01-0.21-25GC/FID16 ug
Acrolein 107-02-8NIOSH 2016 Mod.DNPH/SGT87IH030D0.03-1.51-15HPLC/UV0.05 ug
Acrylonitrile 107-13-1NIOSH 1604CSC:100/5087IH028A0.01-0.23.5-20GC/FID8.0 ug
Alkaline Dust 1310-73-2NIOSH 74011.0um PTFE87IH035C1-470-1000Titration100 ug
Aluminum (Al) 7429-90-5NIOSH 0500/0600; 7300M0.8um MWMCEF87IH060MW1-45-100ICP1.0 ug
Ammonia 7664-41-7OSHA ID-188 / NIOSH 6016H2SO4/SGT87IH086F0.1-0.50.1-96IC9.5 ug
Antimony (Sb) 7440-36-0NIOSH 7300 Mod. / 73030.8um MCEF(MW)8715200E1-450-2000ICP0.5 ug
Arsenic (As) 7440-38-2NIOSH 7300 Mod. / 73030.8um MCEF(MW)8715200E1-45-2000ICP0.05 ug
Asbestos*-Nanoparticle Analysis (all media) 1332-21-4TEM / EDXAPLEASE CALLCalln/an/an/aTEM / EDXAn/a
Asbestos*-PCM Air 1332-21-4NIOSH 740025mm 0.8um MCEF/CC8715003G2 - 1660L-2400PCM0.045-0.001 f/cc
Asbestos*-PLM Bulk Building Mat. <1% vis est 1332-21-4EPA/600/R-93/116n/an/an/an/an/aPLM1%
Asbestos*-PLM Bulk Building Mat. <1% vis est 1332-21-4NIOSH 9002n/an/an/an/an/aPLM1%
Asbestos*-TEM Air 1332-21-4NIOSH 740225mm 0.45um MCEF/CC8715001G2 - 1660L-2400TEM 0.045-0.001 f/cc
Asbestos*-TEM Air (AHERA) 1332-21-4(40CFR763, Appx. A Sub E)25mm 0.45um MCEF/CC8715001H2 - 101199-2400TEM0.005 s/cc
Asphalt Fumes (Particulate / Benzene Soluble Fraction) 8052-42-4NIOSH 50422.0um PWPTFE87IH037AF1-428 - 400GRAV/EXT/GRAV50ug / 150 ug
Barium (Soluble/Insoluble as Ba, not sulfate) 7440-39-3NIOSH 7300 Mod. / 73030.8um MCEF(MW)8715200E1-450-2000ICP0.50 ug
Barium sulfate 7727-43-7NIOSH 0500/0600; 7300M0.8um MWMCEF87IH060E1-450-2000GRAV;ICP0.50 ug
Benzaldehyde 100-52-7NIOSH 2016 Mod.DNPH/SGT87IH030D0.03-1.51-15HPLC/UV0.05 ug
Benzaldehyde (diffusive sampler $20 extra) 100-52-7NIOSH 2016 Mod.AT 57187IH034AT571n/a1-24 hrHPLC/UV0.05 ug
Benzene 71-43-2NIOSH 1500 / 1501CSC:100/5087IH028A0.01-0.25-30GC/FID8.7 ug
Benzyl Chloride (α-chlorotoluene) 100-44-7NIOSH 1003CSC:100/5087IH028A0.01-0.26-50GC/FID11 ug
Beryllium (Be) 7440-41-7NIOSH 7300 Mod. / 73030.8um MCEF(MW)8715200E1-41250-2000ICP0.025 ug
Bisphenol A 80-05-7OSHA CSI37mm GFF87IH040BPA1.5360HPLC/UVTBD
Boric Acid (as B) 10043-35-3NIOSH 0500/0600; 7300M0.8um MWMCEF8715315MW2.0960GRAV;ICP0.05 mg
Boron (B) 7440-42-8NIOSH 7300 Mod. / 73030.8um MCEF(MW)8715200E1-450-2000ICP0.5 ug
Bromine (Media blank req: + $40) 7726-95-6NIOSH 6011AgMemFlt87IH055K0.3-18-360IC10 ug
Bromopropane, 1- (Propyl Bromide) 106-94-5OSHA PV 2061CSC:100/5087IH028A0.112GC/FID14 ug
Butadiene, 1,3- 106-99-0NIOSH 1024CSC:400/200 87IH03913BD0.01-0.55-25GC/FID10 ug
Butoxyethanol, 2- 111-76-2NIOSH 1403CSC:100/5087IH028A0.01-0.052-10GC/FID9 ug
Butyl acetate, n- 123-86-4NIOSH 1450CSC:100/5087IH028A0.01-0.21-10GC/FID10 ug
Butyl acetate, sec- 105-46-4NIOSH 1450CSC:100/5087IH028A0.01-0.21-10GC/FID10 ug
ButyI acetate, tert- 540-88-5NIOSH 1450CSC:100/5087IH028A0.01-0.21-10GC/FID10 ug
Butyl alcohol, n- (n-butanol) 71-36-3NIOSH 1401CSC:100/5087IH028A0.01-0.22-10GC/FID10 ug
Butyl alcohol, sec- (sec-butanol) 78-92-2NIOSH 1401CSC:100/5087IH028A0.01-0.22-10GC/FID10 ug
Butyl alcohol, tert- (tert-butanol) 75-65-0NIOSH 1400CSC:100/5087IH028A0.01-0.21-10GC/FID10 ug
Butyl glycidyl ether 2426-08-6NIOSH 1616CSC:100/5087IH028A0.01-0.215-30GC/FID9 ug
Butyraldehyde 123-72-8NIOSH 2016 Mod.DNPH/SGT87IH030D0.03-1.51-15HPLC/UV0.05 ug
Butyraldehyde (Diffusive Sampler $20 extra) 123-72-8NIOSH 2016 Mod.AT 57187IH034AT571n/a1-24 hrHPLC/UV0.05 ug
Cadmium (Cd) 7440-43-9NIOSH 7300 Mod. / 73030.8um MCEF(MW)8715200E1-413-2000ICP0.05 mg
Calcium (Ca) 471-34-1NIOSH 0500/0600; 7300M0.8um MWMCEF8715315MW1-45-200GRAV;ICP5.0 mg
Capsaicin (pepper spray, incl. dihydro, OC) 404-86-4OSHA CSI37mm GFF87IH040DC1-31000HPLC/FL0.1 ug
Carbon tetrachloride 56-23-5NIOSH 1003CSC:100/5087IH028A0.01-0.23-150GC/FID16 ug
Chlordane 57-74-9NIOSH 5510Chromosorb/(MCEF)87IH041OC0.5-1.010-200GC/ECD2.0 ug
Chlorine (Media blank req: + $40) 7782-50-5NIOSH 6011AgMemFlt87IH055K0.3-18-360IC10 ug
Chloroacetophe, α- (CN tear gas) 532-27-4OSHA CSISGT:100/5087IH042TG0.110HPLC/UV0.1 ug
Chlorobenzene 108-90-7NIOSH 1003CSC:100/5087IH028A0.01-0.21.5-40GC/FID8.6 ug
Chlorobenzylidine Malonitrile (CS tear gas) 2698-41-1OSHA CSISGT:100/5087IH042TG0.110HPLC/UV0.1 ug
Chloroform (trichloromethane) 67-66-3NIOSH 1003CSC:100/5087IH028A0.01-0.21-50GC/FID15 ug
Chlorpyrifos (Dursban) 2921-88-2NIOSH 5600 Mod.XAD-2/(37mm GFF)87IH092OP0.2-1.012-240GC/NPD1.0 ug
Chromium (Cr - Total) 7440-47-3NIOSH 7300 Mod. / 73030.8um MCEF(MW)8715200E1-45-1000ICP1.0 ug
Chromium, Hexavalent (+$25 for paint ops) 18540-29-9OSHA ID-215 v25um PVC8715100CRVI240-960IC0.01 ug
Coal Tar Pitch Volatiles (Benzene Soluble Fraction) 65996-93-2OSHA 5837mm GFF87IH040CTPV1.5 - 2.0960EXTRACT/GRAV150 ug
Cobalt (Co) 7440-48-4NIOSH 7300 Mod. / 73030.8um MCEF(MW)8715200E1-425-2000ICP0.5 ug
Copper (Cu) 7440-50-8NIOSH 7300 Mod. / 73030.8um MCEF(MW)8715200E1-45-1000ICP0.5 ug
Cresols (m-, o-, & p-) 1319-77-3NIOSH 2546XAD-7(100/50)87IH044PC0.01-0.11-24GC/FID11 ug
Cumene (isopropylbenzene) 98-82-8NIOSH 1501CSC:100/5087IH028A0.01-0.21-30GC/FID8.7 ug
Cyanide (HCN) 57-12-5NIOSH 6010SODALIME87IH045n/a0.05-0.22-90VIS1.7 ug
Cyclohexane 110-82-7NIOSH 1500CSC:100/5087IH028A0.01-0.22.5-5GC/FID7.8 ug
Cyclohexanone 108-94-1NIOSH 1300CSC:100/5087IH028A0.01-0.21-10GC/FID9.5 ug
Cyclopentane 287-92-3NIOSH 1500CSC:100/5087IH028A0.01-0.21-10*GC/FID7.5 ug
Diacetone Alcohol 123-42-2NIOSH 1402CSC:100/5087IH028A0.01-0.21-10GC/FID10 ug
Diazinon 333-41-5NIOSH 5600 Mod.XAD-2/(37mm GFF)87IH092OP0.2-1.012-240GC/NPD1.0 ug
Dichlorobenzene, m- (1,3) 541-73-1NIOSH 1003CSC:100/5087IH028A0.01-0.21-8GC/FID15 ug
Dichlorobenzene, o- (1,2) 95-50-1NIOSH 1003CSC:100/5087IH028A0.01-0.21-10GC/FID15 ug
Dichlorobenzene, p- (1,4) 106-46-7NIOSH 1003CSC:100/5087IH028A0.01-0.21-8GC/FID15 ug
Dichloroethane, 1,1- (ethylidine chloride) 75-34-3NIOSH 1003CSC:100/5087IH028A0.01-0.20.5-15GC/FID10 ug
Dichloroethane, 1,2- (ethylene dichloride) 107-06-2NIOSH 1003CSC:100/5087IH028A0.01-0.20.5-15GC/FID10 ug
Dichloroethylene (cis-1,2-) 156-59-2NIOSH 1003CSC:100/5087IH028A0.01-0.20.2-5GC/FID10 ug
Dichloroethylene (trans-1,2-) 156-60-5NIOSH 1003CSC:100/5087IH028A0.01-0.20.2-5GC/FID10 ug
Dichlorvos 62-73-7NIOSH 5600 Mod.XAD-2/(37mm GFF)87IH092OP0.2-1.012-240GC/NPD1.0 ug
Diesel Particulate Matter (DPM as Elemental Carbon) N/ANIOSH 5040HTDQTZ87IH046HQ2-4142-19,000EGA/FID7.0 ug
Diethyl Ether (ethyl ether) 60-29-7NIOSH 1610CSC:100/5087IH028A0.01-0.20.25-3GC/FID10 ug
Diethyl Ketone 96-22-0NIOSH 1301CSC:100/5087IH028A0.01-0.21-25GC/FID10 ug
Diisobutyl Ketone 108-83-8NIOSH 1300CSC:100/5087IH028A0.01-0.21-10GC/FID10 ug
Dipropyl Ketone (4-hepta) 123-19-3NIOSH 1300CSC:100/5087IH028A0.01-0.21-10GC/FID10 ug
Dursban (Chlorpyrifos) 2921-88-2NIOSH 5600 Mod.XAD-2/(37mm GFF)87IH092OP0.2-1.012-240GC/NPD1.0 ug
Dust*- Analysis NADCA N/AGravimetric Analysis0.8um MWMCEF8715315MW15 LPM100 cm2GRAV0.002 mg
Dust*-Air (Nuisance Dust, PNOR, Respirable) N/ANIOSH 060037mm 5um PWPVC8715500L1.7-2.5 240-1000GRAV0.05 mg
Dust*-Air (Nuisance Dust, PNOR, Total) N/ANIOSH 050037mm 5um PWPVC8715500L2240-1000GRAV0.05 mg
Dust*-Airborne - Ambient, PM10 N/A40CFR50, Appendix J 8”x10” Quartz PW8715400Nvaries24hr SampleGRAV0.0001 g
Dust*-Airborne - Ambient, PM2.5 N/A40CFR50, Appendix L8”x10” Quartz PW8715400Nvaries24hr SampleGRAV0.0001 g
Dust*-Airborne - Indoor (LEED), PM10 N/A40CFR50, Appendix J37 mm 2 um PTFE 87IH091O10240 MinGRAV0.002 mg
Dust*-Airborne - Indoor (IAQ), PM2.5 N/A40CFR50, Appendix L37 mm 2 um PTFE 87IH091O10240 MinGRAV0.002 mg
Dust*-Airborne- Ambient, TSP N/A40CFR50,Appendix B8”x10” Quartz PW8715400Nvaries24hr SampleGRAV0.0001 g
Dust ID*-Common N/AParticle ID1.0um PC/ cowl MS36001PCC101000Microscopyn/a
Dust ID*-Full N/AParticle ID1.0um PC/ cowl MS36001PCC101000Microscopyn/a
Elemental Carbon (Diesel Particulate Matter - DPM) N/ANIOSH 5040HTDQTZ87IH046HQ2-4142-19,000EGA/FID7.0 ug
Ethanol (ethyl alcohol) 64-17-5NIOSH 1400CSC:100/5087IH028A0.01-0.050.1-1GC/FID7.9 ug
Ethyl Acetate 141-78-6NIOSH 1457CSC:100/5087IH028A0.01-0.21-10GC/FID10 ug
Ethyl Benzene 100-41-4NIOSH 1501 ModCSC:100/5087IH028A0.01-0.21-24GC/FID8.7ug
Ethyl Butyl Ketone 106-35-4NIOSH 1301CSC:100/5087IH028A0.01-0.21-25GC/FID10 ug
Ethyl Ether 60-29-7NIOSH 1610CSC:100/5087IH028A0.01-0.20.25-3GC/FID10 ug
Ethylene Glycol 107-21-1NIOSH 5523XAD-7/(37mm GFF)87IH044GL0.5-25-60GC/FID50 ug
Ethylene Oxide 75-21-8OSHA 1010HBr Trtd.Mol Sieve87IH102EtO0.0512GC/ECD2.1 ug
Formaldehyde (bulk High-Temp Treatment) 50-00-0HPLCBULKBULKn/an/an/aHPLC/UVn/a
Formaldehyde (diffusive sampler $20 extra) 50-00-0NIOSH 35003M 3721 Badge87IH077CTA0.2-11-100HPLC/UV1.5 ug
Formaldehyde 50-00-0NIOSH 2016 Mod.DNPH/SGT87IH030D0.03-1.51-15HPLC/UV0.05 ug
Formaldehyde (diffusive sampler $20 extra) 50-00-0NIOSH 2016 Mod.AT 57187IH034AT571n/a1-24 hrHPLC/UV0.05 ug
Formaldehyde (dry bulk) 50-00-0HPLCBULKBULKn/an/an/aHPLC/UVn/a
Formaldehyde (wet bulk CW ppm range / or highest) 50-00-0HPLCBULKBULKn/an/an/aHPLC/UVn/a
Glutaraldehyde 111-30-8NIOSH 2016 Mod.DNPH/SGT87IH030D0.03-1.51-15HPLC/UV0.05 ug
Gold (Au) 7440-57-5NIOSH 7300 Mod. / 73030.8um MCEF(MW)8715200E1-4480-960ICP0.05 ug
Heptane 142-82-5NIOSH 1500CSC:100/5087IH028A0.01-0.21-10*GC/FID10 ug
Hexamethylene Diisocyanate (HDI) 822-06-0OSHA 42/47 Mod.1-2PP 37mm GFF87IH048IC1.015 - 240HPLC/UV/FLU1.0 ug
Hexane, n- 110-54-3NIOSH 1500CSC:100/5087IH028A0.01-0.21-10*GC/FID10 ug
Hydrobromic Acid (HBr) 10035-10-6NIOSH 7903WWSGT87IH031M0.2-0.53-100IC 10 ug
Hydrochloric Acid (HCl) 7647-01-0NIOSH 7903WWSGT87IH031M0.2-0.53-100IC 10 ug
Hydrofluoric Acid (HF) 7664-39-3NIOSH 7903WWSGT87IH031M0.2-0.53-100IC 5.3 ug
Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) 7783-06-4OSHA 1008AGSGT(CSC400/200)87IH087AG0.0512IC 7.1 ug
Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) 7783-06-4NIOSH 6013CSC:400/20087IH039LCSC0.1-1.51.2-40IC3.6 ug
Iron (Fe) 1332-37-2NIOSH 7300 Mod. / 73030.8um MCEF(MW)8715200E1-45-100ICP5.0 ug
Isoamyl Acetate 123-92-2NIOSH 1450CSC:100/5087IH028A0.01-0.21-10GC/FID10 ug
Isoamyl Alcohol 123-51-3NIOSH 1402CSC:100/5087IH028A0.01-0.21-10GC/FID10 ug
Isobutyl Alcohol (2-methyl-1-propanol) 78-83-1NIOSH 1401CSC:100/5087IH028A0.01-0.22-10GC/FID10 ug
Isocyanate Panel (2,4-TDI, 2,6-TDI, MDI, HDI) VariousOSHA 42/47 Mod.1-2PP 37mm GFF87IH048IC1.015 - 240HPLC/UV/FLU1.0 ug
Isopropyl Alcohol (Isopropanol, IPA) 67-63-0NIOSH 1400CSC:100/5087IH028A0.01-0.20.3-3GC/FID7.9 ug
Lead (Pb) - Air 7439-92-1NIOSH 7300 Mod. / 73030.8um MCEF(MW)8715200E1-450-2000ICP0.05 ug
Lead-Air (Flame AA) 7439-92-1NIOSH 70820.8um MCEF(MW)8715200E1-4200-1500FLAA4.0 ug
Lead-Air (GFAA) 7439-92-1NIOSH 71050.8um MCEF(MW)8715200E1-41-1500GFAA0.03 ug
Lead-Paint Chips (Flame AA) 7439-92-1SW-846-7000Bn/aBULKn/an/an/aFLAA0.01%
Lead-Wipes (Flame AA) 7439-92-1SW-846-7000BGHOST WIPE8708100n/an/a12 in²FLAA10 ug
Limonene 138-86-3NIOSH 1552CSC:100/5087IH028A0.01-0.22-30GC/FID8.4 ug
Lithium (Li) 7439-93-2NIOSH 7300 Mod. / 73030.8um MCEF(MW)8715200E1-4100-2000ICP5.0 ug
Magnesium (Mg) 7439-95-4NIOSH 0500/0600; 7300M0.8um MWMCEF8715315MW1-45-67GRAV;ICP5.0 ug
Malathion 121-75-5NIOSH 5600 Mod.XAD-2/(37mm GFF)87IH092OP0.2-1.012-60GC/NPD1.0 ug
Manganese (Mn) 7439-96-5NIOSH 7300 Mod. / 73030.8um MCEF(MW)8715200E1-45-200ICP0.5 ug
Man-Made Vitreous Fibers (MMVF) 65997-17-3VDI-3492 Au Coated MCEF/CowlCallAuG2 to 1660-2400SEMTBD
Man-Made Vitreous Fibers (MMVF) 65997-17-3Analysis25mm 0.8um MCEF/Cowl8715003G2 to 1660-2400 7 fibers/mm2
Man-Made Vitreous Fibers (MMVF), Count Only 65997-17-3NIOSH 740025mm 0.8um MCEF/Cowl8715003G2 to 1660-2400PCM7 fibers/mm2
Man-Made Vitreous Fibers + Asbestos, ID / Quantify VariousNIOSH 740025mm 0.8um MCEF/Cowl8715003G2 to 1660-2400 7 fibers/mm2
MDI (Methylene Bisphenyl Diisocyanate) 101-68-8OSHA 42/47 Mod.1-2PP 37mm GFF87IH048IC1.015 - 240HPLC/UV/FLU1.0 ug
Mercury (Hg) by CVAA (Vapor) 7439-97-6OSHA ID-140 / NIOSH 6009CARULITE87IH049HG0.15-0.252-100 (300)CVAA0.01 ug
Mercury (Hg) by CVAA (Particulate) 7439-97-6OSHA ID-1450.8um MCEF(MW)8715200HG230CVAA0.01 ug
Metals-Priority Pollutant Metals (13 Metals) VariousNIOSH 7300 Mod. / 73030.8um MCEF(MW)8715200E1-45-2000ICPPer Metal
Metals-RCRA (7 metals - no Hg) VariousNIOSH 7300 Mod. / 73030.8um MCEF(MW)8715200E1-45-2000ICPPer Metal
Metals-Solder Metals Profile (9 metals) VariousNIOSH 7300 Mod. / 73030.8um MCEF(MW)8715200E1-45-2000ICPPer Metal
Metals-Welding Metals Profile (15 Metals) VariousNIOSH 7300 Mod. / 73030.8um MCEF(MW)8715200E1-45-2000ICPPer Metal
Metalworking Fluid (MWF), Gravimetric / Solvent Extract N/ANIOSH 55242.0um PWPTFE87IH037MWF2.01000GRAV/EXT/GRAV0.002 mg
Metalworking Fluid (MWF), Gravimetric Only N/ANIOSH 55242.0um PWPTFE87IH037MWF2.01000GRAV0.050 mg
Methamphetamine - wipe and bulk samples to 0.1 ug 51-57-0NIOSH 9111 Mod.METHWIPE87IH051MWKn/a100 cm2 LCMS0.1 ug
Methanol 67-56-1OSHA 91M / OSHA 7Anasorb 747 400/20087IH099MeOH0.050.75-5GC/FID7.9 ug
Methanol 67-56-1OSHA 91M / OSHA 7AT 54687IH174MeOHn/a1-8 hrGC/FID7.9 ug
Methoxyethanol, 2- 109-86-4NIOSH 1403CSC:100/5087IH028A0.01-0.056-50GC/FID10 ug
Methyl Cyclohexane 108-87-2NIOSH 1500CSC:100/5087IH028A0.01-0.24GC/FID10 ug
Methyl Ethyl Ketone (MEK, 2-buta) 78-93-3NIOSH 2500ANASORB 74787IH111MEK0.01-0.20.25-12GC/FID8 ug
Methyl Isoamyl Acetate (Hexyl Acetate) 142-92-7NIOSH 1450CSC:100/5087IH028A0.01-0.21-10GC/FID10 ug
Methyl Isobutyl Ketone (MIBK, 4-methyl 2-penta) 108-10-1NIOSH 1300CSC:100/5087IH028A0.01-0.21-10GC/FID10 ug
Methyl Methacrylate 80-62-6NIOSH 2537XAD-2:400/20087IH092MMA0.01-0.051-8GC/FID10 ug
Methyl Parathion 298-00-0NIOSH 5600 Mod.XAD-2/(37mm GFF)87IH092OP0.2-1.012-240GC/NPD1.0 ug
Methyl Propyl Ketone (2-penta) 107-87-9NIOSH 1300CSC:100/5087IH028A0.01-0.21-10GC/FID10 ug
Methyl tert-butyl ether (MTBE) 1634-04-4NIOSH 1615CSC:400/20087IH039MTBE0.1-0.22-96GC/FID10 ug
Methylene Chloride (2 tubes in series) 75-09-2NIOSH 1005CSC:100/5087IH028AA0.01-0.20.5-2.5GC/FID13.3 ug
Molybdenum (Mo) 7439-98-7NIOSH 7300 Mod. / 73030.8um MCEF(MW)8715200E1-45-67ICP0.5 ug
Naphthalene 91-20-3NIOSH 1501CSC:100/5087IH028A0.01-0.21-10*GC/FID7.4 ug
New Rug Odor (4-Phenylcyclohexene or 4-PC or 4-PCH) by CSI MethodOSHA CSICSC:100/5087IH028A0.210(24-48)GC/FID0.03 ug
Nickel (Ni) 7440-02-0NIOSH 7300 Mod. / 73030.8um MCEF(MW)8715200E1-45-1000ICP0.5 ug
Nicotine - Air 54-11-5NIOSH 2551 Mod.XAD-4(80/40)87IH050NIC0.1-10.5-600GC/NPD1.0 ug
Nicotine, Bulk or Wipe 54-11-5GC/MSn/an/an/an/an/aGC/NPD1.0 ug
Nitric Acid 7697-37-2NIOSH 7903WWSGT87IH031M0.2-0.53-100IC5.1 ug
Nitrogen Dioxide / Nitric Oxide (NOx) 10102-44-0NIOSH 6014 / OSHA ID-182TEA MOLSIEVE 3(1)87IH079n/a0.025-0.21.5-6VIS1.3 / 5.0 ug
Octane, n- 111-65-9NIOSH 1500CSC:100/5087IH028A0.01-0.24GC/FID10 ug
Oil Mist - Airborne with Type ID by FTIR N/ANIOSH 5026FLTR(any)ANYIR1-320-500IRTBD
Oil Mist / Metalworking Fluid (MWF), Grav. / Solv. Extract. N/ANIOSH 55242.0um PWPTFE87IH037MWF2.01000GRAV.0.002 mg
Oil Mist / Metalworking Fluid (MWF), Gravimetric Only N/ANIOSH 55242.0um PWPTFE87IH037MWF 2.01000GRAV.0.050 mg
Ozone (Special Order Media , Box of 10, 1-month shelf life) 10028-15-6OSHA ID-214TRTD GFF87IH052O30.5180IC3.9 ug
Palladium (Pd) 7440-05-3NIOSH 7300 Mod. / 73030.8um MCEF(MW)8715200E1-45-2000ICP0.05 ug
Paraffin Wax Fume 8002-74-2OSHA CSI37mm GFF87IH040PWF1100GC/FID7.5 ug
Parathion 56-38-2NIOSH 5600 Mod.XAD-2/(37mm GFF)87IH092OP0.2-1.012-240GC/NPD1.0 ug
PCBs - Air VariousNIOSH 5503 Mod.13mm SWIN GFF/FLORISIL87IH085 / 87IH089PCB0.05-0.2 (1.0)1-50 (1440)GC/ECD0.025 ug
PCBs - Air - Ambient (Special Order Media) VariousEPA TO-4APUF CARTS/OPUF CART2271920-11,520GC/ECD0.1 ug
PCBs - Air - Ambient (Special Order Media) VariousEPA TO-10APUF TUBES/OPUF TUBE1-5900GC/ECD0.05 ug
Pentachlorophenol 87-86-5OSHA CSIXAD-7:100/50 x287IH044PCP0.248HPLC/UV22 ug
Pentane 109-66-0NIOSH 1500CSC:100/5087IH028A0.01-0.24GC/FID10 ug
Perchloroethylene (Perc, Tetrachloroethene) 127-18-4NIOSH 1003CSC:100/5087IH028A0.01-0.21.0-40GC/FID16 ug
Permethrin (cis- & trans-) 52645-53-1NIOSH 5008 Mod.37mm GFF87IH040PYR1-420-400HPLC/UV1.0 ug
Pesticides, Organochlorine VariousNIOSH 5510 Mod.Chromosorb/(MCEF)87IH041OC0.5-1.010-200GC/ECD0.1 to 5.0, var.
Pesticides, Organophosphorus / Organonitrogen VariousNIOSH 5600 Mod.XAD-2/(37mm GFF)87IH092OP0.2-1.012-240GC/NPD1.0 ug
Petroleum Ether (as VM&P Naptha) VariousNIOSH 1550CSC:100/5087IH028A0.01-0.21.3-20GC/FID7.4 ug
Petroleum Naptha (as VM&P Naptha) 8032-32-4NIOSH 1550CSC:100/5087IH028A0.01-0.21.3-20GC/FID7.4 ug
Phenol 108-95-2NIOSH 2546XAD-7(100/50)87IH044PC0.01-0.11-24GC/FID11 ug
Phenylcyclohexene, 4- (4-PC, 4-PCH, New Rug Odor) 4994-16-5OSHA CSICSC:100/5087IH028A0.210(24-48)GC/FID0.03 ug
Phosphoric Acid 7664-38-2NIOSH 7903WWSGT87IH031M0.2-0.53-100IC21 ug
Phthalate Esters (add $75 per each added ester) VariousOSHA CSITENAX/(37mm GFF)87IH58PHTH1240GC/FID1.0 ug
Platinum (Pt) 7440-06-4NIOSH 7300 Mod. / 73030.8um MCEF(MW)8715200E1-4480-960ICP0.05 ug
Potassium (K) 7440-09-7NIOSH 7300 Mod. / 73030.8um MCEF(MW)8715200E1-45-1000ICP5.0 ug
Potassium Hydroxide (as Alkaline Dust) 1310-58-3NIOSH 74011.0um PTFE87IH035C1-470-1000Titration100 ug
Polynuclear Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH) VariousNIOSH 55062.0um PTFE / XAD-287IH043PAH2200-1000HPLC/UV0.31 / 0.62 ug
Propionaldehyde 123-38-6NIOSH 2016 Mod.DNPH/SGT87IH030D0.03-1.51-15HPLC/UV0.05 ug
Propyl Acetate, n- 109-60-4NIOSH 1450CSC:100/5087IH028A0.01-0.21-10GC/FID10 ug
Propyl Alcohol, n- 71-23-8NIOSH 1401CSC:100/5087IH028A0.01-0.21-10GC/FID10 ug
Propylene Glycol 57-55-6NIOSH 5523XAD-7/(37mm GFF)87IH044GL0.5-25-60GC/FID50 ug
Propylene Glycol Monomethyl Ether (PGME) 107-98-2OSHA CSICSC:100/5087IH028A0.110GC/FID9.7 ug
Propylene Glycol Monomethyl Ether Acetate (PGMEA) 108-65-6OSHA CSICSC:100/5087IH028A0.110GC/FID9.7 ug
Pyrethrum (Pyrethrin I & II) 8003-34-7NIOSH 5008 Mod.37mm GFF87IH040PYR1-420-400HPLC/UV1.0 ug
Radon-Homeowner Test Kit 10043-92-2(1-10 Kits, Price Per Kit)RDNRDNRDNn.e.2-4 DaysLiq. Scint.0.3 pCi/L
Radon-Real Estate Transaction Test Kit 10043-92-2(1-10 Kits, Price Per Kit)RDNRDNRDNn.e.2-4 DaysLiq. Scint.0.3 pCi/L
Selenium (Se) 7782-49-2NIOSH 7300 Mod. / 73030.8um MCEF(MW)8715200E1-413-2000ICP0.05 ug
Silica-Amorphous, Air 7631-86-9NIOSH 7501 Mod.37mm 5um PWPVC8715500L1.7-2.5400-1000XRPD20 ug
Silica-Amorphous, Bulk 7631-86-9NIOSH 7501 Mod.BULKBULKn/an/an/aXRPDn/a
Silica-Crystalline, 3 Species, Bulk ; QZ, CR, AND TR VariousNIOSH 7500 Mod.BULKBULKn/an/an/aXRDn/a
Silica-Crystalline, 3 Species, Air - Quartz, Cristobalite, Tridymite VariousNIOSH 7500 Mod.37mm 5um PWPVC8715500L1.7-2.5400-1000GRAV/XRD5 , 20, 20 ug
Silica-Crystalline, Single Species, Air - Tridymite (TR) 15468-32-3NIOSH 7500 Mod.37mm 5um PWPVC8715500L1.7-2.5400-1000GRAV/XRD20 ug
Silica-Crystalline, Single Species, Air - Cristobalite (CR) 14464-46-1NIOSH 7500 Mod.37mm 5um PWPVC8715500L1.7-2.5400-1000GRAV/XRD20 ug
Silica-Crystalline, Single Species, Air - Quartz (QZ) 14808-60-7NIOSH 7500 Mod.37mm 5um PWPVC8715500L1.7-2.5400-1000GRAV/XRD5 ug
Silica-Crystalline, Single Species, Bulk ; QZ, CR, OR TR VariousNIOSH 7500 Mod.BULKBULKn/an/an/aXRDn/a
Silver (Ag) 7440-22-4NIOSH 7300 Mod. / 73030.8um MCEF(MW)8715200E1-4250-2000ICP0.5 ug
Sodium (Na) 7440-23-5NIOSH 7300 Mod. / 73030.8um MCEF(MW)8715200E1-45-1000ICP5 ug
Sodium Hydroxide (as Alkaline Dust) 1310-73-2NIOSH 74011.0um PTFE87IH035C1-470-1000Titration100 ug
Stoddard Solvent (as VM&P Naptha) 8052-41-3NIOSH 1550CSC:100/5087IH028A0.01-0.21.3-20GC/FID7.9 ug
Strontium (Sr) 7440-24-6NIOSH 7300 Mod. / 73030.8um MCEF(MW)8715200E1-410-1000ICP0.5 ug
Styrene 100-42-5NIOSH 1501CSC:100/5087IH028A0.01-0.21-14GC/FID9 ug
Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) 7446-09-5NIOSH 6004MCE/NaCO MCE87IH053SO0.1-1.54-200IC3.3 / 6.7 ug
Sulfuric Acid 7664-93-9NIOSH 7903WWSGT87IH031M0.2-0.53-100IC10 ug
Tear Gas (CN or CS), ea. VariousOSHA CSISGT:100/5087IH042TG0.110HPLC/UV1.0 ug
Thallium (Tl) 7440-28-0NIOSH 7300 Mod. / 73030.8um MCEF(MW)8715200E1-425-2000ICP0.05 ug
Thorium (Th) 7440-29-1NIOSH 7300 Mod. / 73030.8um MCEF(MW)8715200E1-4480-960ICP0.5 ug
Tin (Sn) 7440-31-5NIOSH 7300 Mod. / 73030.8um MCEF(MW)8715200E1-45-1000ICP1 ug
Titanium (Ti) 13463-67-7NIOSH 0500/0600; 7300M0.8um MWMCEF8715315MW1-45-100GRAV;ICP0.5 ug
TDI, 2,4- (2,4-toluenediisocyanate) 584-84-9OSHA 42/47 Mod.1-2PP 37mm GFF87IH048IC1.015 - 240HPLC/UV/FLU1.0 ug
TDI, 2,6- (2,6-toluenediisocyanate) 91-08-7OSHA 42/47 Mod.1-2PP 37mm GFF87IH048IC1.015 - 240HPLC/UV/FLU1.0 ug
Toluene 108-88-3NIOSH 1501CSC:100/5087IH028A0.01-0.21-8GC/FID8.7
Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons (as diesel / #2 Fuel Oil) VariousNIOSH 1550 Mod.CSC:100/5087IH028A0.01-0.21.3-20GC/FID7.4 ug
Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons (as gasoline) VariousNIOSH 1550CSC:100/5087IH028A0.01-0.21.3-20GC/FID7.9 ug
Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons (as naptha) VariousNIOSH 1550CSC:100/5087IH028A0.01-0.21.3-20GC/FID7.9 ug
Trichloroethylene 79-01-6NIOSH 1003CSC:100/5087IH028A0.01-0.20.2-30GC/FID7.9 ug
Trichloroethane, 1,1,1- 71-55-6NIOSH 1003CSC:100/5087IH028A0.01-0.20.1-8GC/FID10 ug
Trichloroethane, 1,1,2- 79-00-5NIOSH 1003CSC:100/5087IH028A0.01-0.22-60GC/FID10 ug
Trichloropropane, 1,2,3- 96-18-4NIOSH 1003CSC:100/5087IH028A0.01-0.20.6-60GC/FID10 ug
Trimethylbenzene, 1,2,3- 87-61-6NIOSH 1501CSC:100/5087IH028A0.01-0.21-10*GC/FID10 ug
Trimethylbenzene, 1,2,4- 120-82-1NIOSH 1501CSC:100/5087IH028A0.01-0.21-10*GC/FID10 ug
Trimethylbenzene, 1,3,5- 108-70-3NIOSH 1501CSC:100/5087IH028A0.01-0.21-10*GC/FID10 ug
Tungsten (W) 7440-33-7NIOSH 7300 Mod. / 73030.8um MCEF(MW)8715200E1-45-1000ICP0.5 ug
Turpentine 8006-64-2NIOSH 1551CSC:100/5087IH028A0.01-0.21-10GC/FID10 ug
Uranium (U) 7440-61-1NIOSH 7300 Mod. / 73030.8um MCEF(MW)8715200E1-4480-960ICP0.05 ug
Vanadium (V) 7440-62-2NIOSH 7300 Mod. / 73030.8um MCEF(MW)8715200E1-45-2000ICP0.5 ug
Vinyl Acetate 108-05-4NIOSH 1453CSC:100/50 (ORBO 92)87IH028A0.05-0.21.5-24GC/FID10 ug
Vinyl Chloride (2 tubes in series) 75-01-4NIOSH 1007CSC:100/5087IH028AA0.050.7-5GC/FID9.1 ug
VOCs (Total as n-hexane) VariousNIOSH 1500 / 1501CSC:100/5087IH028A0.01-0.25-30GC/FID7.9 ug
Xylenes, o- 1330-20-7NIOSH 1501CSC:100/5087IH028A0.01-0.21-10*GC/FID7.9 ug
Xylenes, m- &p- 1330-20-7NIOSH 1501CSC:100/5087IH028A0.01-0.21-10*GC/FID7.9 ug
Xylenes, o-, m-, &p- 1330-20-7NIOSH 1501CSC:100/5087IH028A0.01-0.21-10*GC/FID7.9 ug
VOCs Organic Scan Profile - IH-Mega VariousNIOSH MultipleCSC:100/5087IH028A0.01-0.21-10*GC/FID7.9 ug
VOCs Organic Scan Profile - IH-Mega (Diffusive Sampler $20 extra) VariousNIOSH Multiple3M 3500 Badge87IH069An/a1 - 8 hrGC/FID7.9 ug
Zinc (Zn) 1314-13-2NIOSH 0500/0600; 7300M0.8um MWMCEF8715315MW1-45-200GRAV;ICP0.5 ug
Zirconium (Zr) 7440-67-7NIOSH 7300 Mod. / 73030.8um MCEF(MW)8715200E1-45-200ICP0.5 ug


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