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Mold Testing

Mold and Fungi Testing


EMSL Analytical, Inc. is the leading commercial Mold Testing Laboratory throughout the United States and Canada operating 21 AIHA EMLAP and 4 A2LA Accredited mold testing laboratories.  Several of our laboratories are open seven days.  In addition, our laboratories are available Round the Clock for Emergency projects.  Email us to schedule after-hours or on-site analysis at your project location.


  • Mold Testing: Culturable Air Samples including, Andersen, SAS & more
  • Mold Testing: Direct Examination including tape, bulk, swab, and water samples
  • Mold Testing: Spore Traps including Air-O-Cell, BioAire, Micro5, Allergenco, Burkard, Biosis, MoldSnap and Z5
  • PCR & DNA Testing: ERMI, mold, and more


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In addition, EMSL offers a complete array of Microbiology Laboratory Testing services available at our nationwide laboratory locations. Our services include the analysis of fungi (mold), bacteria (legionella, e. coli, salmonella, listeria, etc), mycotoxins, endotoxins, allergens, pollen and particulates in air, swab, water, soil, bulk, dust, wipe, food and consumer products. EMSL also offers PCR Analysis for rapid pathogen detection.
The QA/QC program at EMSL ensures that you will receive scientifically sound, legally defensible data. Many of our microbiology laboratories maintain accreditation under the American Industrial Hygiene Environmental Microbiology Program (AIHE EMLAP) for the analysis of indoor air quality samples. Several of our labs are pursuing advanced accreditation under the A2LA and FDA GMP/cGLP program for food, dietary supplements, nutraceutical, and pharmaceutical analysis.
EMSL participates in the UK Health Protection Agency Legionella Proficiency Scheme and the US CDC ELITE Program for Legionella analysis as well as the state proficiency programs for bacteriological testing of drinking, wastewater, recreational water, and sewage sludge.
EMSL offers customized method development and special project design for non-routine analyses using ASTM, AOAC, FDA BAM, CTFA, USP, EPA, APHA, ASM as well as international testing methodologies. Our internal QA/QC program is ISO 17025 compliant.


Full list of services provided for Mold and Fungi ( click for details )
Aspergillus Common 10 Panel
Aspergillus Comprehensive 15 Panel
Aspergillus Nosocomial 6 Panel
Aspergillus/Penicillium Screen
Create Your Own Fungal Panel
Culturable Fungi (Culture Plate Impactor Samples)
Culturable Fungi (Impactor Samples)
Culturable Fungi (Swab, Dust, or Bulk)
Culturable Fungi (Swab, Dust, or Bulk)
Direct Examination (Tape Lift, Bio-Tape, Bulk, or Swab)
Direct Examination (Tape Lift, Bio-Tape, Bulk, or Swab)
EPA's Environmental Relative Moldiness Index (ERMI) 36 Panel
ERMI (Environmental Relative Moldiness Index) 36 Panel
Fungal / Bacterial Identification
Fungal Identification
Fungal Population (Yeast & Mold)
Identification of Unknown Bacteria and Fungi by DNA Sequencing
Identification of Viable Cryptococcus neoformans
Identification of Viable Histoplasma capsulatum
Microbial Isolation
Penicillium Common Mycotoxin 5 Panel
Penicillium Comprehensive 13 Panel
Penicillium Comprehensive Mycotoxin 9 Panel
Spore Trap Analysis
Spore Traps (Total Fungal Spore Count, Pollen, Skin, Insect Fragments and Background Density)
Stachybotrys Screen
Water Damage 10 Panel
Water Damage 20 Panel
Yeasts & Mold
Laboratories providing Mold and Fungi ( click for details )