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Failure Analysis

Failure Analysis 

Failure analysis covers a broad range of disciplines, and therefore, by necessity, it has to involve a suite of tests and procedures to analyze a variety of materials. The benefits to failure analysis are numerous, from initial research into new materials or processes and the stumbling blocks along that road in the R&D phase, to mature processes where failure analysis work is critical to ensure production is ongoing and mitigating damage to your client and their supply chain. Thankfully, EMSL Analytical, Inc. is able to meet and exceed the needs of professionals at all stages of development across the spectrum of FA applications.

EMSL’s network incorporates a vast number of testing methods that include microscopic, chemical, physical and electrical test methods. In addition to this network of advanced testing methodology, EMSL is committed to ensuring that the scientific staff in their laboratories has the understanding and experience to support advanced analysis in this breadth of disciplines. Not only is our staff expert at comprehensive analysis, but we excel at operating as partners to clients in the challenging, rapidly changing industrial environment. Our unique and significant capabilities and experience means we have the tools to adapt to changing goals, deadlines and complex challenges.

Often, even if the means of failure in a sample is known, it is just as important to know how likely that failure is to happen again. EMSL offers a number of forced failure tests, weathering, stress and strain systems, as well as having the ability to customize and design specific equipment to test a target sample series. These capabilities give clients flexibility for a number of forced-failure scenarios. Samples can be tested to ensure performance once published specifications are exactly met. They can be forced into failure using aggressive wear or strain to determine failure mode, or products can be tested incrementally to allow for a failure threshold to be determined.

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