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Nanomaterials Characterization

Nanomaterials Characterization

EMSL Analytical, Inc. offers a comprehensive set of services designed to provide the answers needed to fully understand the complex world of nano-materials. With a number of laboratories dedicated to pursuing the most modern analysis methods and equipment, EMSL has a wide variety of offerings for both analysis of individual nanoparticles as well as nanoparticles incorporated into composites or devices. EMSL also has extensive capabilities for the examination of nano-scale devices and semiconductor materials.

With dedicated materials science laboratory centers spanning the continental U.S., EMSL has a wide range of facilities to meet your analytical needs. With high-resolution scanning electron microscopes capable of nm scale imaging and analysis, through traditional TEM instrumentation, EMSL can handle development of scalable analysis to support your QA and bulk characterization needs. For more complex applications, however, EMSL also offers sub nanometer HR-STEM, FIB-SEM and surface analysis with XPS/AES.

Harnessing the power of our diverse instrumentation allows nanomaterials to be characterized by surface, chemical and morphological components. We offer fully customizable nano-analysis to fit within the scope of your analytical needs. EMSL is experienced with the requirements and services needed by clients working in applications ranging from small independent start-ups through government agencies and Fortune 500 industrial programs. With experts on industrial hygiene (IH) exposure, device design and nano-crystallography, let us assist you in your challenging nano-materials development application today!

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