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Remediation/Insurance Confirmation

Remediation / Insurance Confirmation

While insurance, in large part, exists to restore property lost through a cataclysmic or serious event – it’s often a complex, ongoing process to bring property back to its original condition. It’s not surprising, especially when it comes to real estate properties, that there needs to be some level of accountability to ensure that restoration and remediation efforts are done on time and done right. EMSL Analytical, Inc. has significant experience in designing and implementing testing programs for both property owners and the insurance companies that interact with them.

EMSL offers a number of different tests to allow for accurate monitoring of the extent of a problem on site, as well as the development of remediation efforts in progress. One of the most common applications is in the case of a fire on property – where not only the fire can impact the structure, but the proliferation of smoke, particles, fumes and water damage can all impact a site – long after the initial damage was done. EMSL has an industry-leading program to monitor mold spores that might be a sign of water damage or ongoing water problems, as well as systems to examine soot and smoke damage related to industrial, structural or brush fires at or near property. Additionally, utilizing our suite of materials science testing techniques, we can assist you in analyzing any number of different materials that might have been impacted.

By providing reliable testing services that allow for a direct understanding of the effectiveness of remediation efforts, EMSL can assist you in ensuring that the job is done right. Our scalable infrastructure allows for rapid turnaround on projects of all sizes to enable active monitoring on a tight schedule, as well as supporting even the most complex projects to be examined using the most rigorous scientific testing. If you have a need to examine the efficacy of remediation, please give us a call today so that we can assist you with your testing plans.

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