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Legionella Detection

Category Microbiology Laboratory
Test Legionella Detection

For more information on Legionella please check out our Legionella Website.

Legionellaceae are ubiquitous in fresh water and estuarine environments. Most outbreaks of disease are due to Legionella found in contaminated water and biofilm found in potable water distribution systems, whirlpool spas, and cooling towers.  Transmission occurs from contaminated water that becomes aerosolized and inhaled by a susceptible host. We have a variety of different test methods depending upon the information you need:

CDC Culturable Methods

M210 Level 1 – Legionella Detection – Presence/Absence                 


M211 Level 2 – Identification, Enumeration, and Serotyping of L. pneumophila  Serogroups 1-14


M212 Level 3 – Identification and Enumeration of L. pneumophila (serotyping included), plus L. anisa, L. bozmanii, L. dumoffii  L. gormanii, L. jordanis, L. longbeachae, L. micdadei, L. macheachernii, 


M213 Level 4 – CDC Heat Enrichment Plus Level 3 Identification for Samples Suspected of Containing High Levels of Protozoans

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M 214 Pure Culture Preparation and Storage                  

M 215 Pure Culture Preparation and Shipping                 




Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) Legionella Panels

M162 Presence/absence of L. pneumophila, L. micdadei, L. maceachernii, L. sainthelensis/cincinnatiensis. 


M103 Presence/absence of L. pneumophila


M102 Presence/absence of L. micdadei


M104 Presence/absence of L. sainthelensi/cincinnatiensis


M101 Presence/absence of L. maceachernii


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Sample retention time - 1 week